Use of Software Quality Assurance in Software Development

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Use of Software Quality Assurance in Software Development


Applications and software undergo a lot of testing during development to ensure that they meet the required quality specifications and intended level of performance. Therefore, software quality assurance is the activity of monitoring the quality and improving the software to ensure that they all meet the set standards. SQA uses the system integration testing methodologies to evaluate the software on individual attributes. A successful SQA process allows the software to work efficiently without crashing or hogging the system. Some of the errors that occur during software development may emanate from a design error, wrong coding, handling the data wrongly, or poor functioning.

How the Software Application Works

Unlike the system integration testing, SQA is an ongoing process that tests the quality of the software or application in every stage of the development. The software can only move to the next stage of the development only after the current phase meets the quality standards. Most of the measures used to manage the quality in software testing include ISO 9000, CMMI, and the Six Sigma. Application quality assurance also works the same way as SQA and allows you to upgrade the application to a newer version. The process of software testing requires a certain level of expertise and experience to achieve results that would not be problematic to the user. The QA Consultants website provides a collection of online resources and information that may interest you.

Importance of SQA

SQA saves you the frustration of completing the software development and then realize that it does not meet the required quality level. Other reasons why it should be your number one go-to thing while developing software include:
• To minimize the cost- correcting defects postproduction proves to be a bit costly than during the development.

• Create confidence- users have little to no trust in software or application with bugs and hogs of the data on their machines.

• It makes the work easier- developing an IT application or software is a bit complex. Therefore, it is simpler to test in every phase than waiting to test upon completion.

Approaches used In SQA

Software developers mainly use two methods in software and application quality assurance which includes defect management and the quality attributes approach. The defect management approach keeps track of how severe the defects are. The developers correct the errors depending on the severity of the error. The quality attribute approach, on the other hand, focuses on the operational features of an application or software. It focuses on the portability, reliability, efficiency, maintenance level, usability, and its functional appeal.

A software developer would determine the quality of software by just looking at its internal and the external features. The interior features depend on the coding quality while the outer ones rely on how the software runs. Good quality good determines how well an application or software works.

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