Top 5 Trends IT Service Companies Must Embrace in 2017

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Top 5 Trends IT Service Companies Must Embrace in 2017


IT services and technical support are heavily influenced by new trends. There are numerous advancements in technology that have shaped the way IT companies offer their services today. The industry has changed a lot in the past few years, thanks to innovations and ever increasing technology trends. Before 2017 ends, we expect new trends to shape up the industry. Here are trends that will make life fascinating for IT support experts.

Multi-vendor calls

Gone are the days where IT consulting companies handled their own products across all support platforms. Consultants are expected to initiate multi-vendor support systems from different platforms. Whether servicing a hardware or software, IT support staff are expected to offer solutions to several issues. They will have to offer technical assistance to support apps on Android and solve issues with iPhones. They are also required to offer knowledge to companies that use more than one operating system.

Support live chats

Support chats are critical for a business that wants to enhance its customer service. Live chat will be a big thing for IT services companies. Companies will move away from the traditional phone calls and embrace real-time and cost-effective live chats. IT support professionals will have to make sure that their clients have the best live chat systems to enhance seamless communication. The service providers will also have to integrate live chat into the customer service support systems.

Support over the cloud

Cloud computing is already a top priority for most companies. 2017 is not going to be different in any way. IT service companies will have to adjust and embrace cloud services in order to remain relevant. Software and sales systems are also going to the cloud. Support services have no any other choice but to follow. This will be a good thing for IT companies because cloud-based systems are easy to access and monitor.

Social media

Social media will be a major service channel for IT support. Companies and individuals are now using social media to ask questions and search for solutions. It is the most convenient platform out there. Facebook currently has a live stream option that allows people to interact in real-time. IT support companies will have to use such features to interact with their clients and offer solutions quickly and conveniently. Solving issues quickly will keep the clients happy and satisfied with the support. It will also prevent the issues from escalating to bigger and troublesome problems.


Do-it-yourself videos will be a major asset for IT services providers. The videos give customers accurate information on how to fix things quickly. Most companies prefer videos because they are cheap and more convenient. Technical support teams will have to embrace this channel if they want to remain in business throughout the year.

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